Telford Convention - Tattoo Freeze 14th January 2010

I needed a break from home in Bristol. Things had been rather intense over Christmas and then in January we were snowed in so I took the train from Temple Meads and headed of to Telford. It's not my ideal location for a day's break but there were surprises in store.

The convention was held at the so-called International Centre and whatever Telford's limitations, this was a great venue for a tattoo event, or any event come to that. It is modern and spacious.

My problem with going on my own to a convention is how to avoid wandering around in a desultory way with no one to talk to or compare notes. I began in this way but after an hour or so went to the restaurant and bar area. After taking ages to get a white wine I plonked myself down at a table with a couple of a similar age to myself. We got on famously. Later we were joined by their daughter and boy friend.

Then I went and returned to the jewelery stand and bought a second fake tribal earring. I liked it a lot.

At about 5:00 pm I decided to have my face painted. To my surprise the artist set to work on a part Moko. When I saw how it looked I urged her to continue until my face was covered. This was it! A fantasy partially fulfilled and to remain partial for ever as I can't have the real thing. Why? Because I'd find myself permanently lonely.

I travelled all the way back to Bristol like this, got home and had a shower so as to avoid startling my wife. Her greatest nightmare is that I would actually get something like this tattooed on my face.


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