Face tattoos - the ultimate taboo

It is hard for someone who is very heavily tattooed not to be fascinated by face tattoos. They make the person look so beautiful in my eyes. But to have your face tattooed in this way means marginalising yourself from society. So it's hard to see how I can do it and live my life so I shall have to satisfy myself with face painting.

Yet the Moko has a tremendous pull and attraction to me. If only I could have one. There is sadness and lament in those words. The lines follow the contours of the face and serve to magnify the beauty of the human form.

It allows the tattooed person to age with dignity and grace and makes you look grand and strong. the piercings add to the glamour. Many have their noses with huge rings and their ears elongated. Glorious.

Yet you only have to look at message boards where people discuss their take on people with tattooed faces to know just how revulsed the western majority are by their image.


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