Cover girls at conventions

Yesterday I was at the Newport, South Wales Tattoo Convention. It seemed less well organised than last year and in particular none of the body painters advertised were there. This would have been because they did not know they were invited or so it seems after my various phone calls to them in the weeks preceding the event.

What was unchanged and is a familiar feature of all the conventions I attend is a samll number of very pretty and heavily tattooed, very visible girls who walk around in the manner of celebrities. They dress to kill and are often very stylised, Betty Boo being one favourite persona they adopt. Several I saw have tattoos on their faces and necks, often beautifully executed. I don't notice any male equivalents. I sense that some girls spotting the priority given on the covers of tattoo magazines or even in the national press to models with tattoos see a role for themselves.

They are, in effect, convention cover girls.

I saw some lovely work while there and was particularly impressed by work on a group of three, two male and one female, who have art by Adam at New Tribe Custom Tattoo in Brixham, Devon. This tattoo shown here was on the arm of the young woman I spoke to. One day I must get down to that studio and meet Adam.


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