On Friday 28th May Hazel Hammond launched her book of tattoo poetry in Bristol. Her poems are inspired by tattooed people and tattooists. One of them (The Tattooed Man) is based on my story.

Present at the launch were many local poets and several of the performers in "Needlepoint" staged at the Tobacco Factory last year as part of the Bristol Poetry Festival. The singer, Suzy Condrad, added to the poetry with her own brand of folk music.

One of the most heavily tattooed people at the party was Natalie, a young woman of 21, who already had acquired ink on her arms, legs, chest, back and stomach. Now she's at university she has come to halt because of lack of funds. She's also removed many of her 22 facial piercings, though at least half a dozen remain. She says she has not yet got to the point that she wants to cover all virgin skin and she hopes that unlike me that she won't get to that stage. I wonder what she will eventually do.


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