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Isobel has gone where others would fear to be tattooed

It is for very good reason that Isobel Varley is regarded as the most tattooed woman in the country if not the world. There may be others with more outlandish tattoos, others with better designs. There are those whose faces are fully tattooed but I doubt if anyone has been tattooed quite so thoroughly in the places most wouldn't dare to go. Her genitalia and anal areas are completely covered as are anywhere else guaranteed to hurt to the maximum. Take a look at her website where she has kept a remarkable photo history from her first tattoo to her latest. Some pictures will make your eyes water. Isobel and I have some things in common though. While I don't think I'll ever have the physical courage to have such extensive tattoos nor will I have my head and neck tattooed, nevertheless in my late forties, like Isobel, I had my first tattoo. And as she was, I am resolved to have a full body suit. Age need not be a barrier and she is an inspiration.

Lots of blue and an anemone

My chest has suddenly become rather blue. Maybe it's too blue and lacking in variation. I'll wait until it has healed and I can tell what its texture is. I think I'll get Ben to inroduce some pattern in to it even if it he just introduces other shades of blue. This was a very painful two hours and the anemone on my right hand side ribs came at quite a price, but I'm pleased with it and look forward to it having been coloured in. The process isn't going to be any any fun but at least the outline is there now. Meanwhile my new beard grows longer. I wonder how much further it will get in length before my wife starts to kick up about it. I've always wanted to know just how long it would grow if allowed to go on and on but suspect I'll go to my grave still wondering.

Body suits

It's a long journey towards a body suit. While my back is fully covered my heavily tattooed front is still a long way from being completely covered. This photo was taken before my half sleeve on my right arm was completed. Perhaps the best known person in Britain with a full body suit is Isobel Varley. Her website is a remarkable record of how she began to be tattooed quite late in life and rapidly covered almost every part of her body. She has left a significant part of her face uncovered but as for the rest - well I suggest you take a look for yourselves.