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Less pain, more gain with Vasocaine

This is not intended to be an advert for Vasocaine and I most definitely don't have any link with the company. Yesterday I used the product for the first time in the hope that the work on my ribs would be less than agonising.

The result far exceeded my expectations. As usual, some Emla cream was rubbed on first. Vasocaine only works as a local anaesthetic once the skin is penetrated so the intial work with the needle was still very uncomfortable. But as Ben Boston, my tattooist, progressed in the same zone the pain quickly lessened until after a while in some areas it almost disappeared altogether. The quantities Ben applied were very small yet the spray transformed the experience.

Ben was enthusiastic because my skin didn't puff up so the ink held well and my lack of discomfort allowed him to work without interruption. He was so impressed that he felt worried about being so pleased and suddenly his mood changed (Ben is a taciturn man so enthusiasm and worry don't feat…