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It's worth suffering more afterwards

Back to the subject of Vasocaine. Ben reports that one of his clients won't use it again because it slows the healing process. It has the same effect on me. My ribs feel still quite sore a couple of weeks after the tattoo. But in my case this is a price I'm willing to pay. I'd rather get as much tattooing done as possible in the time my appointment lasts. Especially as most of my work now is on my ribs and stomach, the acute pain in the studio would otherwise mean Ben would have to go more slowly and I would be more saturated with pain. The pain killer's not a soft option now as it doesn't kick in until some work has been done. Ben won't use it on line work. Once an area has been well worked on then there is a major relief. I have to confess that I've become rather dependant on Vasocaine now.

Colouring black

It was time to tackle the central image on my chest, a half woman half cat art nouveau image. The original work was outlined back in about 1998 and strung across my chest and stomach. Now it is being integrated into my body suit and in colour. Ben decided to eliminate the blackness. He says his inks can do that and here is the evidence. One of Ben's clients is having his head tattooed, having had everything else covered. Half has already been done by another artists but he is asking Ben to do the other half. I wondered if he was likely to want his face covering too after his head is finished. Ben said he didn't think so but if he were asked to such work he'd refuse. He doesn't want to be part of removing someone's identity. I was surprised that he took this stance.