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The worst of ribs

I had a mini-conference with Ben about the shade and texture of the blue on my chest. I was not happy that so much of the one blue was dominating everthing and more seriously my wife doesn't even like the shade.  Ben looked perplexed and initially resisted a change of tactic.  Then he relented and came up with the idea of waves of blue with different shading and the result can be seen here.  I am much happier now. With the work being general in nature Ben darted around all over the right side of my chest and it hurt, local anaestheic or not.  I wondered how I was going to survive the session.  A part of me felt a little ashamed that I was complaining and asking for little rests but the other side of me said, "no, Ben knows me well enough after all these years and anyhow for almost anyone the ribs are extremely painful".  Apart from those getting body suits most people avoid this area altogether, with very good reason.  Of course, no one person has the same pain threshol