Art nouveau half sleeve

Now I have a respite of a few months from the ribs, while Ben works on my left arm.  Here is much older work of an Alphonse Mucha painting but originally tattooed in black.  Now colour is being introduced and I'm really surprised by the extent to which 15 year old solid black can now become colour.  Most of today was spent on the hair.  The skin tone,which looks rather pink because of the bleeding, took only a tiny fraction of the time.

While chatting Ben talked about trend tattoos and how many new tattooists are dominantly doing the old pin-ups, ships, anchors etc.  He thinks that their skills will be severely limited by the narrowness of their ambition as they meet a market trend.  It's hard for me to disagree but as far the consumer choice goes, I think whatever anyone likes or wants is entirely up to them.  If they love the old style flash then that's fine by me.


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