My snake woman is too scary

This tattoo is once again dark and this very greeny blue.  The body of the snake is lovely but I am very unsure about the woman's face.  I like beautiful and not ugly and she looks rather scary to me.

Somehow I have to persuade Ben that I want contrasting colours and warm colours and not just cold colours.  I have a plan to deal with this issue.

Progress is so slow at two hours a month and part of me wants to accelerate the pace but when the tattooing starts then I focus more on withstanding the pain and the energy it sucks out of me.  Can I really take it more regularly?  I certainly couldn't cope with longer sessions.

Darker tattoos are, of course, likely to be more durable and I'm sure that is a part of what is on Ben's mind but his house style appears to be blue infused.


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