Tattoos around my armpit

Arm pits in a man are not regarded as an attractive area of the body - unlike women. But my left arm pit was not to be escaped and Ben has given it a garland of flowers.  This joins up the work on my back with my left breast and creates a beginning for the work going down the left side of my body.  It'll never stand out but helps create asense of completeness.  I think it works.

I talked to Ben about the young woman featured in my prior blog and the extent of her neck and face tattoos.  Ben doesn't like doing face and neck tattoos very much and will only agree to do them if a person is already very heavily tattooed elsewhere on their body.  I think such tattoos can look wonderful but often they don't.  Most of all they stop you being any more than a tattooed person.  I'm thrilled to be a tattooed person but do not want that as a complete definition of who I am.  So I am more conflicted about all this than Ben.


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