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Proof positive I skinny dipped

Someone sent this photo around on Facebook - and I thought the event was to be discreet.  Anyhow, as is now there for all to see in this just about decent photo there is irrefutable proof I was one of 408 who broke the Guinness book of records record.

World record skinny dip

I was there at the Gower peninsula on Sunday 19th June along with 400 others.  I think the chap with the back piece tattoo on the top photo, upper right is probably me.  You may need a microscope!  There weren't many back pieces on show, so look carefully.  It was an assault on all my senses. There was the cold, the force of the waves on Wales's top surfing beach, the beauty of the National Trust beach, the joy of all the participants and the initial fear of the unknown and then the euphoria..  I wouldn't have missed it for anything.

Tattoo Revolution arrives in the shops

 Me with my painted "tattooed" face. When I went to the Newport Convention I caught up with Neil Dalleywater, who when I last met him was editor of Skin Deep.  That's how off the pace I am.  Well now he's created an exciting new Tattoo magazine called "Tattoo Revolution".  This is up to issue 8 now and for the first time can be bought at WH Smiths, which should be a big boost for the magazine. Anyhow, this time I actually feature in the magazine in the section on the Newport Convention, which you see reproduced right.  The voice is mine though I'm not sure how many of the words I remember.  It does reflect my views. Neil is determined to provide an independent and intelligent voice and I wish him every success.  The articles in the magazine are longer and tackle more complex subjects than its competitors and Neil says the front page models don't have to be no older than their early twenties.  The design has a classier look too. h

Arthur Rackham emerges on my left side

  Down my left side we go and the three sirens are given some water and water lilies.  There will be extra grass to link up with my backpiece, which can be seen outlined on the picture below right. Looking at me rom the front it appears that all of my chest is complete, though there are still some bits remaining including my left breast. I'm pleased with what has happened here and look forward to this area being completed next month.  Ben will carry on down and around the sirens, who are taken from a picture by the brilliant Victorian illustrator, Arthur Rackham. This session I followed the instructions written on my tube of numbing cream, which said put lots and lots of the ointment on, in two coats and then cover it with cling film.  This worked and I was able to cope with having the most tricky area of my body tattooed.