Arthur Rackham emerges on my left side

Down my left side we go and the three sirens are given some water and water lilies.  There will be extra grass to link up with my backpiece, which can be seen outlined on the picture below right.

Looking at me rom the front it appears that all of my chest is complete, though there are still some bits remaining including my left breast.

I'm pleased with what has happened here and look forward to this area being completed next month.  Ben will carry on down and around the sirens, who are taken from a picture by the brilliant Victorian illustrator, Arthur Rackham.

This session I followed the instructions written on my tube of numbing cream, which said put lots and lots of the ointment on, in two coats and then cover it with cling film.  This worked and I was able to cope with having the most tricky area of my body tattooed.


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