The growth of scratchers

I was a little incredulous at Ben Boston's comment that there could be as many as 1,000 tattoo "scratchers" or amateur tattooists in Bristol but was chatting to another and in this case very young tattooist who until recently was working at Birmingham Ink (  He said Ben was right and the craze is getting out of control.

In the States a campaign group has been created called "Destroy Your Local Scratcher".

It highlights the "Tattoo School" programme aired on the TLC channel last week in America.  In our risk averse society it's surprising the health authorities don't seem to care about the absence of hygiene practices with amateur tattooists and the non-use of Autoclaves which costs thousands of pounds to buy.  It seems the scratchers can easily buy the actual tattoo machines off eBay for very low prices.  It's a funny old world.


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