Tattoos and marital problems

Jacqui Moore
This is Jacqui Moore, who according to the tabloid newspapers, got this body suit to spite her now divorced husband.  (    It took her eight years and all the tattoo work is thanks to her new partner, who is a tattooist. I am struggling not to feel envious for her transformation is truly shocking and exciting. 

There remains her right leg and face fully to cover.  Everything else is remarkably complete, except I notice there's her head as well.  I wonder if she will eventually go the whole way.  Jacqui is now 41, so was only 33 when she started, and is the mother of two children.  I do not believe that throughout the eight years of pain and resolve she was constantly saying to herself "that will show him" but rather once free from her marriage that she may have felt free to do something that she had for some time wanted to do, yet felt constrained from doing.  Once she started getting tattooed after her divorce at some later point she may have just decided to go for it.  But here I must pause for I run the serious risk of transferring my own experience on to her. 

My first marriage ended after nearly 35 years.  At that time I was not blank but had quite a few tattoos.  My wife didn't like them and was a brake on my going very far.  After she decided to leave me I was distraught but nevertheless went straight out and got one of my nipples pierced.  It wasn't long before the tattoos began to follow.
Paula Hardy Kangelos

When I married again, over six years ago, my new wife helped me design a back piece and she did it very well.  But she is seriously ambivalent about my tattoos and I don't think it's possible for someone without tattoos to imagine what progressing towards a body suit entails.  Now she's sees what is happening, if she could, she would have me stop the process right now.

By coincidence, I was today reading an article by Paula Hardy Kangelos in Skin Deep magazine. She says her husband told her he had fallen out of love with her after she had her throat tattooed.  She writes "I suppose it comes as a shock to our loved ones, after all, the phrase "I've always fancied a tattoo" does not generally conjure up ideas of sleeves, back pieces and body suits".

My wife is now critical of my tattoos but then she is critical of many other things about me, so it's hard to know if it's my tattoos that are harming my marriage.  But I am aware that they might be.


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