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The London Tattoo Convention 2011

How I wish I could have made it to the London Convention.  Next year it is a must for my diary.  The Guardian gave it excellent coverage while the BBC was plain silly and lazy about it. This face tattoo (above) is splendid and very cleverly done. It would be good to have had the chance to see it from other angles. The back piece (see above) is magnificent and was published in the largest size in last Saturday's Guardian. The BBC article rightly says tattoo afficianados rarely regret their tattoos and then goes on to talk about whether other people do have regrets and what can they do about it.  It showed the imagination of a flea.  Feeble, feeble, feeble.

Tattoo numbing cream versus Vasocaine

Ben never seems to tackle the area of my body that I expect, so my efforts to use numbing cream in the most effective way are partially thwarted.  The instructions on the tube say that it should be applied in two stages.  First rub in a generous amount on the area to be affected and after that is done then put on another layer. Then keep it all intact by wrapping cling film around.  This should be done 40 minutes before being tattooed. Unusually for Ben, he was very late finishing the previous customer.  She was having work done on her ribs and I could hear her groaning.  This is a vicious area of the body to be tattooed without the aid of numbing cream and spray.  The consequemce for me was that my work began half an hour late and I was worried that the numbing effect would wear off.  In fact the reverse was the case and in the areas I had applied it I felt almost no pain and did not need the Vasocaine.  My experience of Vasocaine is not altogether positive.  It doesn't kick i