A final piece of this jigsaw

There wasn't an awful lot to be done to complete the inking of my stomach but it's complete now and all my chest and lower torso are covered.

Next time Ben will colour the tigers coming out of the lilies and work on the hair of the woman on my right side, which can't be seen in this photo..

I am excited to have reached this stage and to have an area that is so visible to be fully covered.  It's that moment right after a session when I feel some euphoria.  A smashing time.

Ben was telling me that his hearing was affected by one of his female clients.  She screamed so loudly in a high pitch right through her tattoo session that he temporarily lost some of his hearing.. I asked him why didn't he just stop but it seems she was keen to continue.  It takes all sorts.  It's just as well the police didn't rush in to save her.


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