What makes me want a body suit?

I quite often ask myself why do I want a tattoo body suit?  Why do I want to cover my whole body with tattoos?  What is the fascination and what gives me the drive and determination to do this?

The photos here show a range of types of body suit. I'm not at all sure the final one is for real, but it looks great.

If you look elsewhere on my blog you will see plenty of evidence of my significant progress in that direction.  By the end of this year all my torso, both my upper arms and my thighs will be fully covered.  That leaves my legs and lower arms.

The answer to my own question is:

1) I am excited by the idea of the transformation of my body.  I want to be different from the overwhelming majority of the population.  In large measure I have already achieved that.  It alters my sexual identity and my personal characteristics.  It means in many ways I am not a white man any more but a man of many colours.  How thrilling.  But what I've done already is not enough.
2) I want to complete one thing in my life.  In many ways I see myself as a nearly man.  In politics I was a parliamentary candidate but never an MP.  In business I was a financial director but never the general manager - a job I coveted for many years.  In broadcasting I was a reporter but never a presenter on Radio 4, which was my goal - perhaps unrealistically.
I speak both Spanish and Dutch well and fluently but I never stayed long enough in Latin America and Holland to complete the job.  My vocabulary and ability to understand all I hear is not what I aspire to.  My first marriage lasted a long time, 35 years, but in the end it failed.

So there is one thing over which I full control, unlike most of those above, and that is completing a body suit.

It's something I can do, unless my life is suddenly cut short.  Yes, it's never possible to be 100% in control.

3) I have changed inside me.  I look at my uninked skin and want it to be inked.  Anything else is unsatisfactory.  Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and all I see is my natural skin on my legs, arms and face and neck. 

I suspect there are some deeper psychological reasons beyond those I've listed and when I've discovered them I'll let you know.


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