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A gallery of tattoo photos

I received a camera for Christmas and used it to photograph my tattoos today - or some of them.  They would be a lot better had I just had a body wax, but it's my blog so here they are:

Tiger lilies in colour

It was a case of ink over ink today.  An art nouveau image tattooed on me in the late 1990s in black has now almost been completely coloured in and relined.  And how much better it looks!  There's just a little left to be done but it brightens up that whole area of my body. As Ben worked he talked about the number of people with tribal tattoos who were now having it covered.  It highlighted for him the risks of following fashion too slavishly.  I said that we tattooed people do have to beware of that pitfall but it's almost impossible not to pick up what's in the zeitgeist.  I have had some tribal work of my own covered by Ben, when he completed my backpiece and it was tough to disguise it. So I am living proof of his argument. I like to think I'm just doing my thing, but at a conscious or sub-conscious level I'm bound to be influenced by what I see in magazines or at conventions.  We can't help belonging to the culture of our age.  The only safe way is to go

Authentic look of Girl with The Dragon Tattoo

 I was apprehensive about the Hollywood version of the Swedish film, "Girl with a Dragon Tattoo".  It may yet prove to have been a justified fear, but the girl who plays Lisbeth looks just right and has gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure that is so.  She has had many piercings and a drastic haircut, all of which she has maintained long after filming has been completed.  Rooney Mara, see above, is not an actress with whom I'm familiar but having seen the trailers she has completely transformed herself into a tattooed and pierced Swedish Goth.  I am convinced by her. It may be that she has done all this to make sure she is again cast in the sequels that will follow if the film is a success.  But she's gone so far it's hard not to imagine that she is living out a persona with whom she is completely at one, in terms of appearance.

Two page spread in Tattoo Revolution magazine

In this month's edition of the British Tattoo magazine "Tattoo Revolution" I have a two page spread, part of a feature on "Wrinkly Ink". The photos were taken in the spring when I attended the Newport, South Wales convention.  I am really happy with the article though slightly embarrassed it doesn't make mention that my moko is painted on.  Those who saw me in the flesh weren't fooled and nor did I expect them to be.  I just hope I haven't misled those who read the article in Tattoo Revolution. That said, I'm entitled to look how I want to look in any place or time and what you see here is what I like to be. The picture on the bicycle is somewhat surreal but maybe it amused the editor to show me like this.  All I can see is my uninked legs.  Hope I live long enough to remedy that. Why not visit the magazine website and if you like what you see, subscribe.