Two page spread in Tattoo Revolution magazine

In this month's edition of the British Tattoo magazine "Tattoo Revolution" I have a two page spread, part of a feature on "Wrinkly Ink".

The photos were taken in the spring when I attended the Newport, South Wales convention. 

I am really happy with the article though slightly embarrassed it doesn't make mention that my moko is painted on.  Those who saw me in the flesh weren't fooled and nor did I expect them to be.  I just hope I haven't misled those who read the article in Tattoo Revolution.

That said, I'm entitled to look how I want to look in any place or time and what you see here is what I like to be.
The picture on the bicycle is somewhat surreal but maybe it amused the editor to show me like this.  All I can see is my uninked legs.  Hope I live long enough to remedy that.

Why not visit the magazine website and if you like what you see, subscribe.


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