Joining everything up

There's not much dramatic to see after today's shorter than usual one and a half hour session.  Ben completed the colouring of the tigers and lilies and then joined up between them and the old Alphonse Mucha tattoo that I had about fifteen years ago.  You see that tattoo on the extreme left with the woman and her blue halo with stars.  Then he began to rework it, but so far only part of the hair has been lightened.  Much to do on that the next time.  Then Ben will do all the hair and go on to re-outline it and freshen up the rest of the work.  The other work you see with the pink fan is also from the nineties with which I was very happy but too will benefit from being relined.

The photo is take with my new iPhone 4, as was the last entry.  The quality of colour is much improved from the iPhone 3.  Below is my backpiece taken with my new camera, a Canon Powershot 95.  This is rather disappointing.  I really must get all my tattoo ink professionally photographed before long.


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