When I first saw Marisa Carnesky - Jewess Tattooess

Another tattoo influence in my life is the burlesque and stage performer extraordinaire, Marisa Carnesky.  I went to see her at a small alternative theatre called The Green Room in the centre of Manchester back in about 2003.  She had a show called "Jewess Tattooess".  I wish I could say I can remember what it was about in detail but it's too long ago.  In part it considered how much tattoos are a no-no for Jewish woman but that didn't stop Marisa from going ahead.  At the end of a vivid show of art and dance she stripped.  This she was able to do with the skill of a professional stripper but performed it with artistic taste and integrity.  There is nothing sleazy about Marisa.

After the show she came back on stage and chatted to those who accepted her invitation to stay behind.  I talked to her about my tattoos and my desire to be more heavily covered.  I've no idea what she said but she was warm and kind.  Her own art is gorgeous.  I wonder if she has more coverage now. And why she influenced me was because I witnessed a highly intelligent woman who had been faced with much bigger social barriers than even I faced and she gone ahead boldly and become heavily inked.  I identified with her.

She appears to keep herself very busy and more can found on her website www.carnesky.com

A biog I found at "Fuel" says of a recent production:
Magic War explored themes of war, strategy and deception through a script, gory magical illusions, old fashioned ladylike mime and Victoriana burlesque parody.

Olivier award winning showwoman and raconteur Marisa Carnesky (Carnesky’s Ghost Train, C’est Barbican and Jewess Tattooess) presented an evening of sneak previews of new writing and performances that were in development for her new one woman show.


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