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Old tattoo enhancement

I am not sure my vanity can handle this.  These profile shots of my body are not the most flattering, but this is how I am today.  Left you can see an image of an Alphonse Mucha tattoo I had done back in the 1990s, which is now being integrated into my bodysuit.  The hair of the woman on this pedestal or gravestone is just one mass of black.  I have asked Ben to give the hair some life.  You will also see that above her head is a small uninked part of my body that needed filling in. Now to the right you can see the result of the first stage of work to achieve those aims.  At this stage it just looks fuzzy.  Ben decided to lighten the black first and next time he will start putting in outlines in black that will also give detail to the hair.  It's almost impossible to see how the finished job will look at this stage but I am confident it will be transformed in April, when he completes the hair, having had something similar done on my chest a few months ago. My next session is at t

Ben Boston's lesson in how to protect your new tattoo

I have often referred to my conversations with my tattooist, Ben Boston.  Well here he is preparing for his next session with me today.  A few minutes later and I was lying on the bench right here as Ben began the recolouring of an old tattoo. As he did so I commented on the ageing of tattoos - a worry many people have.  I said all you have to do is from time to time get them re-lined and coloured.  But it seems it is not necessarily as easy as that.  Everybody's skin is different, he said, with varying capababilties to absorb ink and the life span of a tattoo is much affected by that.  He has a few clients whose tattoo looks brand new even after a few years.  It also matters how you live your life.  For those engaged in jobs with a manual content, such as lying under cars in a garage or working on building sites with cement and concrete dust around, then the healing of the new tattoo can be seriously damaged.  Then there's the obvious problem of sunbathing.  Don't expo

Building a new body

Here is someone who has built a completely new body for himself.  When he started body building he would have been unrecognisable from the image here.  But I don't have any photograph of him as a 10 stone weakling! Which is a shame. And he hasn't stopped with the building of huge muscles for he has also covered himself with tattoos. I wonder why he did this?  But I don't wonder very hard.  I have fantasised about body building at various times in my life.  But the idea of the vast amounts of work in the gym plus stuffing my body full of steroids and other substances meant it remained just a dream.  Looking completely different gives me a strong frisson of excitement and that's why I do it with my tattoos. Someone who has very visibly changed herself in the full gaze of the cameras and Jodie Marsh. Here she is with a tattoo sleeve.  Jodie is one of that newish breed who is mostly famous for being famous.  I am not sure what she does other than make news and

Tight lacing - an extreme body modification

My mind is focussed on just one kind of extreme body modification - heavy tattooing.  My body appearance has changed drastically in the past five years. But what are other people's body modifications of choice?  One is  a practice known as "tight lacing", in which the users of corsets embark on reducing their waist sizes to as small at 17 or 18 inches, if they can. It's not something that grabs me but Lacie here ( ) has dedicated herself to the practice.  There are others like her who take it very seriously.  It's a fetish and not necessarily permanent.  If you give up regularly wearing this special kind of corset then you will eventually revert to normal. I have no plans to embark on this myself, but before I pass any judgement must reflect that what I am doing to myself is even more extreme.  The images here are truly eye catching.  I have never knowingly met anyone who is into tight lacing yet there is a big community out there who do it.