Building a new body

Here is someone who has built a completely new body for himself.  When he started body building he would have been unrecognisable from the image here.  But I don't have any photograph of him as a 10 stone weakling! Which is a shame. And he hasn't stopped with the building of huge muscles for he has also covered himself with tattoos.

I wonder why he did this?  But I don't wonder very hard.  I have fantasised about body building at various times in my life.  But the idea of the vast amounts of work in the gym plus stuffing my body full of steroids and other substances meant it remained just a dream.  Looking completely different gives me a strong frisson of excitement and that's why I do it with my tattoos.

Someone who has very visibly changed herself in the full gaze of the cameras and Jodie Marsh.
Here she is with a tattoo sleeve.  Jodie is one of that newish breed who is mostly famous for being famous.  I am not sure what she does other than make news and she had mostly passed me by until she completed her latest transformation.

She is now a body builder and in a remarkably short period of time has completely changed her appearance.  It's hard not to admire the sheer dedication that must have been involved.  Not all her previous admirers will like her new look but she has obviously done it for herself, whilst no doubt being aware it would attract yet more publicity.
Extraordinary.  What will she do next?


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