Old tattoo enhancement

I am not sure my vanity can handle this.  These profile shots of my body are not the most flattering, but this is how I am today.  Left you can see an image of an Alphonse Mucha tattoo I had done back in the 1990s, which is now being integrated into my bodysuit.  The hair of the woman on this pedestal or gravestone is just one mass of black.  I have asked Ben to give the hair some life.  You will also see that above her head is a small uninked part of my body that needed filling in.
Now to the right you can see the result of the first stage of work
to achieve those aims.  At this stage it just looks fuzzy.  Ben decided to lighten the black first and next time he will start putting in outlines in black that will also give detail to the hair.  It's almost impossible to see how the finished job will look at this stage but I am confident it will be transformed in April, when he completes the hair, having had something similar done on my chest a few months ago. My next session is at the end of this month, which is too early to return to this work, so he will begin with a big plumaged bird on the other side of my body to cover some very old Celtic work.  In March I am going to India and Sri Lanka with my wife, so will miss the originally scheduled session.


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