Tight lacing - an extreme body modification

My mind is focussed on just one kind of extreme body modification - heavy tattooing.  My body appearance has changed drastically in the past five years.

But what are other people's body modifications of choice?  One is  a practice known as "tight lacing", in which the users of corsets embark on reducing their waist sizes to as small at 17 or 18 inches, if they can.

It's not something that grabs me but Lacie here (www.staylace.com) has dedicated herself to the practice.  There are others like her who take it very seriously.  It's a fetish and not necessarily permanent.  If you give up regularly wearing this special kind of corset then you will eventually revert to normal.

I have no plans to embark on this myself, but before I pass any judgement must reflect that what I am doing to myself is even more extreme.  The images here are truly eye catching.  I have never knowingly met anyone who is into tight lacing yet there is a big community out there who do it.

Maybe, if my wife were to decide to get into corsets I would see the world differently, but that would never happen.  She wouldn't dream of doing it.  I remember when I first saw people with lots of facial and body piercings I didn't like what I saw.  Now I am fascinated by it and in different circumstances would do it myself.   We are very conditioned by the norms around us and it takes time to adjust our minds to open up to new looks and ideas.


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