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Natasha Kai and sporting tattoos

There are all so many sports stars now with lots of ink.  I sometimes wonder when they get it all done given their rigorous training schedules and the need to be at the peak of fitness.  Natasha above has a great many tattoos for a young woman whose main engagement is being one of the very best footballers in the world.  She was a member of the USA's world champion team. Much more common are tattooed footballer players, best known being David Beckham but there are many others you see with full sleeves, for example. When Djibril Cisse (above) moved to QPR a few weeks ago his tattoos were very much in evidence.  These young men, with so much money to spare, spend a lot of cash on being highly fashionable.  Some impressive work on show here.

Tattooed ballet dancers

The former Royal Ballet star, Sergei Polunin, who recently startled the world by announcing he was quitting from ballet, loves tattoos so much he owns his own tattoo parlour. Thankfully his retirement didn't last long and he's now dancing again in a production called "Men in Motion" a celebration of male ballet, with his friend Ivan Petrov at Sadler's Wells in London.  I have cast around as widely as I can but have failed to find an image of his James Dean tattoo.  When I do it will be added to this entry. Tattoos spell freedom to Polunin. The Guardian article yesterday (7th March 2012) reports that the subject makes his eyes light up; suddenly he sits up straight and stops fiddling with the chain around his neck. "When I was a kid I always liked scratching myself – making shapes, making drawings, and I always thought I would have a tattoo," he says. Nothing could be more unexpected than the fact that he is part-owner of a tattoo parlour in Holloway

My cover up and a new big bird

In 1995 I had my first large tattoos.  Before that I had just the very small dragonfly I had acquired in Atlanta.  The top two Celtic designs (see here left) were a big step forward for me into the world of being a tattooed man.  I had them done in Chester in 1995.  I liked the designs but fairly soon my thoughts moved away from Celtic and anyhow I wasn't happy with the positioning of the lower bird-like mythical creature.  It was cock-eyed. Below these two is a tribal tattoo I had a few years later, probably about 1998 in Wrexham.  I still had no clear idea where I was going with my tattoos, though thought I would stay with black.  I had a couple of these tribal tattoos on my backside too, which are now mostly but not entirely covered.  With my torso now complete the time has come to integrate my old work into the new. Last time Ben began work on the hair of the Art Nouveau design on my right hip and that will continue, but on my left hip these images don't work so we have de