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The beautiful bird tattoo is finished

My new big bird is now complete and he's very fine and a clever cover up of the gaelic designs that were there before.  Above the bird's head there is now another lily and some more water for the three sirens.  Next time there's work to be done to cover the tribal work to the right and bring the work round to the Koi carp in my backside.  It's going to be hard to get that finished in my next session but who knows. Ben says he's doing a lot of work to cover old tribal work, which seems to have dated dramatically.  He says it's the createst demand he has for cover ups and he believes that it tests all his skills to the full, skills he believes very other tattooists have because it means using all sorts of tricks. 

Tattooed Natalie in the woods

It is my wont to accost heavily tattooed strangers and ask them about their tattoos.  Such a victim was Natalie, who I met when walking my dog at Leigh Woods, close to the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol.  She has a half sleeve, as can be seen, and had it done by a friend a few years ago.  I didn't take notes and infuriatingly can't remember the name of the artist, who apparently has gone from strength to strength and now works in Florida.  Natalie says she won't have any more work done until her friend returns. The work seen here was done in an eight hour session, which is unimaginably long to my mind.  She admitted she was in pretty bad shape after it was done.

Tattoos I've met

Here are a couple of examples of work by Ben on other clients.  Is it wise to have your wife or partner's named tattooed on your body?  I think not and from personal experience because after 35 years my marriage broke up and I was left with her name on my ankle.  Fairly soon I had to get it covered up, which was sad and bad. On the right here is an example of a full sleeve and the work is very subtle.  Ben has worked dark on me but this is a sharp contrast in style showing his versatility.