Tattoos at Bristol Harbour Festival

Today at the Bristol Harbour Festival there were plenty of tattoos on display. Notably there was Jemma, who is a Fraud Investigator for an insurance company during the week but by night and weekend she's a girl heading towards a body suit.  She's having her work done by her boy friend, Marcos, at the Broad Street Studio in Bath.
At work she keeps her tattoos covered, but happily on a sunny Saturday afternoon they are there for the world to see.  And it's beautifully executed.

By great good fortune I bumped into Anna Ayres.  Anna is the wife of the late Dave Ayres of Bristol's Skin Deep studio in Old Market in the centre of Bristol.  Dave's life came to an untimely end in 2009 when he died in an accident on his Harley Davidson.  Hundreds of bikers formed a procession at his funeral.

In this photo you can see boats in the background at Bristol's harbour.  I asked Anna if all her work was done by her ex-husband and had she stopped her body art subsequent to her death.  But no, she is having a back piece at Skin Deep and will continue to get inked.  Her son has now taken her husband's place.Here is Anna's backpiece in outline. It should be quite something when it is completed.

Here is Anna's backpiece in outline. It should be quite something when it is completed.

Natasha by comparison with her friend Jemma has more modest work but eye catching for all that.  She says she likes Japanese and has it on display on both upper arms.  At work she is a Recruitment Consultant so needs to be discreet.

Emily has these two tattoos on each of her upper arms.


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