Tattoo message - in a bottle

Charlotte Lewis turned up at the Clifton Arts Club exhibition.  She is a classmate of Rob Martin, who is one of the club's leading lights and is an artist.  Rob took these photos for me.  Charlotte sported a neck tattoo with a story.

Her grandfather was a paratrooper in world war II and had been stationed in Palestine.  He was travelling to France by ship and decided to send a message to his wife.  He popped a written note into a bottle and threw it overboard.  It eventually was picked up in Northern Ireland..

The message was: "Take care of yourself for me.  Goodnight God Bless".  Charlotte was so taken by the romantic story that she's had it tattooed onto her.

She has eight other small tatoos discreetly placed, including one on the back of her neck.  Another is the Turkish flag.  She got drunk while on holiday in Turkey and woke up to find she had the national flag tattooed onto her hip. 


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