Marked Up in Knowle West, Bristol

These past few months much of my time has been spent delivering leaflets for George Ferguson in the mayoral election in Bristol.

Today I was in Knowle West, an area of Bristol that suffers from severe economic and social deprivation.   I was tired and need a pee.  I spotted a tattoo studio and headed there.  As soon as I lift my shirt it is immediately evident I belong to that great club of the tattooed and have immediate entry to any studio I visit and am regarded as a friend. 

One of the artists working there was young Tim.  He was inking a sleeve for Ross, which can be seen below.  The top of his arm is just in outline now. 

Tim is a new young artist and will be interesting to see where his career takes him.

The sleeve on Tim's arm was done by his female colleague, Jodie, who alas was away today so I didn't get to meet her.  Like Tim she has only a couple of years working professionally.  It seems that many young women are making their way in the profession now.
Importantly, after showing some of the work on my body and looking at their work, I was allowed to use their loo.  What a relief.


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