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Tattooed leg progress

 Another couple of hours and the knight on my right leg progresses.  He looks very distinctly like Burne Jones creation.  Then there is the obelisk on the rock in the sea which now has body. I think Ben is enjoying working on these images.  He's normally quite taciturn but this time he was quieter than usual.  I asked him if he was not feeling so good and he said that he was fine but engrossed in complicated work. When I was holiday in the Cairngorms in Scotland the week before I has a massage to relax my very tense muscles. The masseur exclaimed that she felt she was massaging a painting not a body.  I liked that.

Carmel's backpiece and a scar from her spine surgery

As I left Ben Boston's shop the next client in was Carmel.  She has a back piece of a tree growing out of mother earth and large fairy sitting on top.  She likes fairies a lot.. Carmel runs the Duke of York pub in St Werbergh's in Bristol.  The backpiece was finished after she had had major spine surgery.  (Several of her discs were fused.)  I didn't notice the scar on her lower back until she pointed it out. The scar can just about be discerned in the second photo with two doors on either side each with a large metal handle. Whether she has used the image to distract from the scar or is using it to celebrate what happened to her body is not clear to me.  Perhaps it is partly both. The final picture shows a wrist tattoo that is currently work-in-progress.  I like its style and hope this new painterly approach by Ben is a technique he will use in my leg tattoo.