Using "Tattoo Numb" or Lidocaine

When I arrived at Ben's he announced his plan to do the outline for the remainder of the tattoo on my upper right leg.  I said, please let's not do that as I hadn't applied any numbing cream to that area, assuming he would continue with the detailed work in the tattoo in progress.  So he acceded to my request.

I have found that using numbing cream with Lidocaine is much the most effective way for me to lessen the discomfort of being tattooed.  I carefully follow the instructions to apply the cream lavishly in two layers and that wrap it all with clingfilm.

I have previously written about Vasocaine and over time have realised its limitations.  It can only be applied once work is already advanced in the area being tattooed.  Also when the effect wears off once back home, the inked zone can become quite painful for up to a day.  With the numbing cream that doesn't happen to me.
Here you can see that the detail introduced includes the sea with its seagulls and some brown into the stone obelisk to which the naked woman is chained.  She is not properly in view here.  A disadvantage of having a big picture tattooed on a limb as opposed to the torso.


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