A couple tattooed together stay together?

Ross Warren and his partner Lisa were both waiting at Ben's as I finished my last session.  Ben is especially proud of Ross' backpiece and is keen to show it at the next big London convention.  Its American Indian influences were inspired by the Indian Ross already had on his arm.  That was there before coming to Ben.  For a while after his arm piece he wasn't at all sure he wanted to be heavily tattooed, but eventually he plucked up the courage and doesn't seem to regret that.  He'd been worried about how others might perceive him, when he stripped off at the beach or pool.  All the backpiece was done freehand except for the bottle.

Lisa has work on her too - on her stomach, leg and arm.  Her first tattoo she had when she was sixteen, so no inhibitions there.  She later had it covered.  Lisa served in the British army in Bosnia and Kosovo, so being tattooed probably required little extra courage on her part.

Both of them live in the Bradley Stoke area of Bristol.


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