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Tattooed Wizard of Oz

Sophie is from Torquay and we met at Bristol's Harbour Festival this weekend (27th July) She has her two full sleeves and also a leg tattooed, though her jeans meant it was not possible to see just how much she has on her leg. Sophie is completely relaxed about her large amount of ink.  Her interest in being tattooed was inspired by the heavy metal bands she enjoyed as a teenager.  She found their tattoos intriguing and saw them as a normal thing to have. Her first sleeve started at the top of her right arm (below) and the blue woman was done by Toni Moore in Toni's early days and before she was working in the Bath Studio in Broad Street  Most of her other work was done in Exeter by Matt Butler at Civilized Tattoos, an American now based there.  Her second sleeve has a Wizard of Oz theme, as above, and visible is the image of the lion as portrayed in the famous film.  The Wizard of Oz brings…

From self harm to self improvement, thanks to tattoos

Ben Fairman had his first full sleeve inked at Jolie Rouge Tattoo Studio by Claudia de Sabe in 2010.  I met Ben at the Art in Action event at Waterperry Park near Oxford on Saturday 20th July.  He was sitting there having a drink at one of the innumerable temporary cafes and I approached him and then we sat talking for at least a quarter of an hour. He lives in west London and works in advertising for a small company.  He is engaged to be married to the daughter of the artist Tony Merrick, who was demonstrating his technique at the show.  Annoyingly I didn't make a note of her name. Thousands of people were milling around. Art in Action is a cross between a village garden party or fete, the Antiques Roadshow and a tattoo convention.  Why the latter?  Because as at a tattoo convention you stand over artists and see them work and look at their skills in action. Ben says the woman on his shoulder watches over t…

Tattooed and in love

I bumped into Dave and Lesley on a very sunny day in Clifton Village in Bristol, outside the Boston Tea Party cafe.  More accurately I accosted them and asked if I could interview them. They have been married for twenty years and have one child from this marriage and eight children in all.  They come from Kingswood in Bristol. They both love tattoos and have extensive coverage.  When they first met over twenty years ago  Dave had a panther and a couple of eagles tattooed on him, Lesley none.  But for their wedding they had matching tattoos on their legs to celebrate the event.  Looking at my notes, I realise I may not have clarified something quite important as Lesley told me she had her first tattoo only ten years ago.  Were they living together umarried for ten years first?  I will probably never know now. They share a deep friendship and love for each other and tattoos are obviously a big part of their relationship.  Dave says when Lesley has a tattoo he gets jealous and wants ano…

A Louis Molloy special

This magnificent backpiece was done by the famous Louis Molloy of Middleton, near Oldham. Andrew, who is from the same town and a friend of Louis said give me a backpiece of your design and choosing.  All Andrew specified was that it must be in colour.  And the result is there for all to see, one of the best tattoos I've ever seen.  I hadn't seen any of Louis' colour work before.  The piece he did for me is in black and grey, the style with which he is usually associated. Andrew's first tattoo was his arm.  Next he is to have his legs done and then he will take a rest.

We are monkeys in the city

Albert comes from Stockholm where he works as a programmer.  He began being tattooed when he was nineteen having been inspired by the tattoos of his older sister. His neck tattoo was inked four years ago and having such a visible tattoo has not been a problem for him in his chosen career.  His sleeve which has various monkeys in the theme, is based on his belief that humans are no more than monkeys in the city. His ear has been stretched over a period of ten years and he's not worried that he can't remove the extender without having stitches in his ear lobe. He hopes that when he is seventy his ear will look the same as you see it now.
His partner, Marie, also from Stockholm has few tattoos so far.but has an extender in her left ear lobe.  It is currently is streched to 12mm and she plans to go no further than 20mm.  However, she does intend to get extensive tattoo coverage.