My obsession with face and neck tattoos

As I have written on occasions before, I am quite obsessed by face tattoos and when I go to a convention now, I get my face and neck covered by temporary tattoos.  This time it was done by Rizpah Brinkman of Boneka Skin Art in Gloucester, who had a stall at the Cheltenham Convention.  Quite a few weeks before the convention I contacted her and discussed what I wanted doing.  As she has connections with New Zealand, she had little difficulty understanding my wishes and desires.

She broke the design into many separate elements and when I arrived was able to spray me with her ink template by template.  At the top above you can see me with just my neck complete.  Then came my face.  Rizpah had invited a photographer friend of hers to photos of her work on her clients during the convention.  Madina Kass is her name and I am very grateful to her for these photos.

As ever when I am transformed in this way I am bewildered by the knowledge that to live my life as a whole, the tattoos can only be temporary on my face and neck.  I think I look better with these tattoos than without them.  I particularly love the work on my neck.  I wonder what other people think.

My appearance draws positive attention to me and leads to all kinds of fascinating conversations. a few of which I shall recall in blogs in the days to come.


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