Cheltenham tattoo tales

I had a great day yesterday at the Cheltenham Convention, held at the racecourse.  First stop I had my face and neck painted by Rizpah Brinkman, see above.
Then I swanned around the halls talking to anyone who would listen.  Below are those I interviewed and photographed.  I am worried I may have got some of the captions wrong!  Matching my notes to the people was tricky in some cases as I had so many conversations in the course of the day.
Over the next few weeks I will write a blog on each of them individually.

Phoebe Black

Bekah Baker

Leah Moule, Spear Tattoo 

Emy Claire

Bekka from Newbury

Rob Wilden

Cat from Chelmsford

Rebecca from Liverpool

Emma from Southampton

Annalieza Pullin from Tokyo Tattoo


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