Lorraine and Louis Molloy

I approached Lorraine in the centre of Bristol, close to the harbour.  She was walking with two of her three children, Bodhi (in the pram) and Brook.  She comes from the Warmley area of the city.


Lorraine didn't get her first tattoo until she was married and by then was 28.  Her husband was tattooed and was keen for Lorraine to be tattooed too.  She didn't take any persuading, as she had always wanted to have a tattoo.
The decision made she wanted to get the work done by one of the best.  They watched "London Ink" on television and were drawn to Louis Molloy's style. http://www.loumolloy.com/  Now once a year in January she makes a several hour pilgrimage to Middleton, which is near Oldham, and has three hours work done by Louis.
Most of her ink so far is on her left arm, though her left leg has some more simple work and she has several other smaller pieces elsewhere.  She's not interested in getting a bodysuit but appears to plan her trips to Louis for some years to come.


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