A tattoo tail of two cats

I met Katie in the Stokes Croft area of Bristol.  Actually I had crossed the road in search of a friend in the café that Katie was standing by with a few friends.  Spotting her two sleeves and bright blue hair, not hard to do, I asked permission to interview her about her ink.  (Can you identify the huge mural in the background?)

Katie lives on a boat on the Avon and Kennet Canal that runs 87 miles from Bristol to the Thames.  I asked her how she would describe herself, not wanting to put her in a box.  Her answer was "don't put me in a box".  Oops.

She got her first tattoo five years ago  and that was a whole sleeve.  Her work was all done by Tiny Miss Becca at Jayne Doe Tattoos in Hornchurch https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tiny-Miss-Becca-Tattoo/197323796998504.    Both her sleeves feature cats.  On her right arm is a cat called Varla.  When she and her partner split she also lost Varla, so in order to remember her she had her tattooed on her arm.

On her left arm is Rizla.  Rizla, the purple cat, is no longer alive but lives on in ink.

Katie is not sure what comes next.  She is thinking about extending the work on her right leg, though on the other hand thinks it looks good as it is now. So she's not sure about what comes next except that there will be something.


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