Cheltenham tattooed models

 Phoebe Black is from Swindon.  She started modelling just 8 months ago but poses like a more experienced professional.  She is soon to be seen in some of the well known Tattoo magazines.  It's not hard to understand why. 

Even Phoebe realises that the choice of the Hannibal Lecter image on her left arm is surprising.

See more of Phoebe at
Emy Claire is Miss Tattoo UK 2013.  Her work was done by Brim at Nu Rose Tattoos in Caerphilly in South Wales.  Her ink reflects her love of gardening.  Some people say when you are older you will regret having so many tattoo but Emy Claire is confident that when she's 70 she will love them just as much as she does now.

When not modelling she works at Sainsburys.
Emma Wallis is from Southampton and is a tattooist at The Gun Show.  She has been exceptionally bold with her tattoos with work on both sides of head and  one that can be seen above on her chin.

Her work is very beautiful.  She says she can cover her head tattoos whenever she wants by growing her hair back.  I hope she doesn't.

Her website says about her: "Having only been tattooing for three years, Emma has quickly developed as a successful artist and runs things here down at THE GUN SHOW.

Specialising in contemporary art, she primarily enjoys using black and grey ink"

see: www.the



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