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Tattooed church architecture

Ben is a civil engineer and is partial to church architecture which explains why he chose this design for his backpiece.  He's from Plymouth and has his work done at Shady Lady in Falmouth.  I spent a lot of time hanging out at their spot at the Cardiff convention.   Ben doesn't have much to say for himself so some of my conversation was through his partner of one year.  Abi (an appropriate name really)  has no tattoos and hopes he won't have any visible tattoos.  She herself is very indecisive about having a tattoo.   It was when he was working in St Ives in Cornwall that Ben started getting his tattoos in Falmouth.  His work has been done over three years.  Now he is having his leg done which was about to be finished spreading to just below the knee. 

Most happy tattooers

Perhaps the most entertaining part of my day at Cardiff's Halloween Bash was with Amy and the team from Shaded Lady in Falmouth.    Here you can see Amy with Al Williams taking the shortest of breaks while I took this photo.  At Shaded Lady it seems that tattooing is just a lot of fun and I spent a good deal of time chatting with Al, Amy and Josie Williams who is not shown here.  Unaccountably for an Englishman Al was wearing a kilt, though on second thoughts that could have been a nod in the direction of Halloween.  Annoyingly Amy suffers little or no pain whilst being inked, which hardly seems fair.  As a result she can take very long sessions.  During the convention her sleeve on the left arm was being completed.  Her right sleeve was completed in three sessions of four hours a while ago. Josie Williams inked her right sleeve and the work on her legs.    Amy had her first tattoo when she was only sixteen, a little triangle.  At ninete

Lady Lauren aka Lauren Brock

I had not gone to the Cardiff Halloween Bash this past weekend expecting to have my photo taken with Lauren Brock (professional name Lady Lauren) and with Annalieza (who I featured in my blog a few months ago.)  But Lauren's man, Jon, decided he wanted a photo of us together so he took one on his camera and this on mine.  Some dreams do come true. Lauren has appeared on the front cover of numerous tattoo magazines and a simple search for her name brings up numerous photos on her, all far more professional than these, but Lauren is such a skilled model that even at my hands she makes my photos look pretty good.  She was on the front cover of Skin Deep just eight months ago.  As she is a native of Cardiff, it was hardly surprising that I caught up with her at the windswept Millennium Stadium on Saturday.  Glamorous women yes, bit the breeze block wall hardly matched them.  An outdoor location was not feasible because it was blowing a gale and very cold. Lauren ha