Looking weird

 I love getting my face painted and when better than Halloween.

My arrangements for a temporary tattoo on my face and neck early in the day had fallen through so in the evening in Cardiff I spotted that one tattoo team all had ghoulish painted faces.  So I said please can I have one too and this is the result.

The work was done by a tattooist and I can't remember her name but she did a great job.  The whites of my eyes against the black look scary.

After everything shut up at the convention I went to the hotel where the Halloween party was to take place, looking as you see here.

Then I rechecked my train times back to Bristol and discovered the last train went early so I had to leave immediately.  Infuriating because my face paint never enjoyed the exposure I wanted it to have.

And here is someone who probably did make it to the party.  The skull look is so popular now.



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