Earth sciences and tattoos

Caroline has many ambitions.  She currently lives in Berlin where she is studying alternative technology.  It's all part of her Earth Sciences degree where she is working on satellite imagery and hopes eventually to work in marine biology and technology.

She is 23.  Her tattoos mean she will never again be totally naked.  Her tattoos depict her personality, she says.  They are her way of life. She is able to take long sessions at a time and her new piece on her left leg is shown above, minutes after completion.

Her parents don't like her being tattooed and think no one would marry her because of that.  In spite of that, she was accompanied by her boyfriend.

She loves heavy metal.  A native of Belfast, Northern Ireland, she says she is not making great progress with her German while living in Berlin.

Her ink is done by Dre from Addinktion Tattoos and Piercing in Belfast,

Dre is originally from Cali, Colombia, and has been tattooing for 13 years.  He travelled and worked from Colombia/Texas/Florida and now N.Ireland, with his wife and their little Irish Colombian baby girl.


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