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Pointillism in Copenhagen on Lena from Troms

Lena is from Norway, living in a town in the far north of the country inside the artic circle.  The county she is from is Troms  She has take a tattoo holiday in Copenhagen. 

The new design on her back is of a the traditional image that is painted on the bow of the Viking ship.  She has a week off work and is spending time each day in the studio.  It's eight years since her last tattoo, so she is taking her time and is very considered about what she has done.  Her tattooist is Kai Uwe Faust, who is from Germany.  The studio specialises in pointillism and with Lena's outline now complete Kai has begun the slow process of filling in the area with points.  Kai uses a metal point to do the work and Lena says she can take hours at a time to be tattooed because the process is so gentle.

I have resolved that when I am next in Copenhagen I must book ahead and have some of this work in me, maybe on my feet.

Starting my left leg piece

It's not very exciting to look at yet but everything has to begin somewhere and here is a band around my left leg.  It will be filled in with yellow next time and then work will begin above the line.  I was surprised by how uncomfortable the outline was.  Everything was done in green so now the line work is not evident.  It will take a long time to cover all the top of my leg from the knee upwards and I have monthly appointments throughout next year booked.

Patricia the pointillist tattooist

The third tattoo studio I visited in Copenhagen was Kunsten pa Kroppen and there I initially met Patricia.  This is a studio that specialises in hand tattoos and as you can see on Patricia's chest and sleeve, they are very beautiful.  She is an apprentice tattooist and has acquired the skills in pointillism.  Examples of her work can be seen on the website

Patricia is from Copenhagen and started working a year ago at the studio and now she is only 21.  Her first tattoo was when she was sixteen and her first professional tattoo as she describes it was when she was eighteen.  Already she has plenty of ink and she will continue until she has a full body suit - no messing, no doubt in her mind.

After her arm is finished she will have work on her legs.  Fellow tattooist at the studio, Kai, did her sleeve though her other colleague, Marcus, did the other work.  She worked collaboratively with them on design.  She used to have more piercings than she has now but had some p…

What's wrong with a tattooed teacher?

Charlotte Tumilty has enjoyed considerable publicity after the Daily Mail chose to spread her tattooed images all over its online newspaper.  It's just up the Mail's street.  Unsurprisingly Charlotte is a very pretty young woman so they have an excuse to both outrage its readership and titillate them at the same time.  Standard fare for the Daily Mail.  Not for nothing do they have the world's largest online readership.  So here she is in her finery, having been turned away from her new school for having a neck tattoo she couldn't fully cover up.

Having run the news item one day they had another bite at the cherry when Jan Moir wrote an opinion article on her the day after.…

Danish international rugby player is tattooed

Marlena plays rugby for the Danish women's rugby team.  I met her earlier this month at Rites of Passage tattoo studio in Copenhagen.  When on holiday I often seek out tattoo studios and drop by to meet my own kind.  Copenhagen offered me bags of these opportunities.

As entered there was Marlena on the bench with her tattooist David "Alex" Alexander, who is English and from the Midlands.

Originally she wanted to have some small roses on her back, but having discussed it with Alex they decided to make seven roses much larger than she planned.  She chose them because they looked beautiful and no other reason.

While I was talking to Marlena she was having her thigh tattooed with a sling shot, which represents her personality she says, girlie but with the tom boy in it.   It certainly makes an unusual image. Her only tattoos are her back and thigh, which are joined up, so are quite extensive.

Marlena says it was a trend to have tramp stamps an…

Jannie covered her stretch marks with tattoos

While I was in Copenhagen a couple of weeks ago I dropped by at a number of tattooists.  The first studio was near to my son's pub in the centre of Copenhagen.  This is where Jan Lobo operates at Lobo Tusch.

There I met Jannie who was having a partially tattooed sleeve covered.  Jannie was 21 when she first began to be tattooed, she had a little mouse.  Apart from what can be seen here, she is also extensively tattooed on her stomach.  She did it to cover her stretch marks after having children. 

She had the work on her arm and left shoulder done about a year and a half ago but she didn't like how it was progressing and told her tattooist to stop.  Now she is having it covered by Jan.  They went to school together in Sydhavnen.  She says it is supposed to be a rock and roll theme.

Jannie has two children.  She has a new boy friend who loves tattoos.  After the sleeve is finished she will have something on the leg but n…

Ancient Greek and Roman tattoo design

This time I had just had more work to bring some greater life to some of the older work on my chest, in particular to the big flowers and to the woman popping out of one of them.  It is important to me as I see more of my chest tattoos than most of the work on my body and I felt that this area is the one I am least happy with. This I believe is an improvement.

I am just back from a trip to Copenhagen and while there visited the Glyptotek museum, where there are many ancient statues on display.  What caught my eye were some casts the museum took of the old statues and then with the aid of very advanced computer technology, they coloured the statues in the way they originally would have appeared.  Some of the results are very surprising.  In particular the tights on the man on the horse which I have decided will be the basis for my left leg piece.  So at the end of this month we will start with the garter design.

"I will always have you" exhibition, Knowle West

On the 11th September  Knowle West Media Centre in south Bristol launched its new 'I Will Always Have You' exhibition. The event was well attended and included live and close-up tattooing, interactive tattoo installations and a talk by Dr John Troyer from the Centre for Death and Society at the University of Bath exploring the history and cultural role of memorial tattoos. - See more at: I went down there to see it for myself and rather shamelessly took of my shirt and my ink was there for all to see.  The centre had talked to many people from the local community and asked them to be photographed and be interviewed.  Some of their stories were hung in the main gallery, where the event took place.
Sonia wasn't at all bothered by having visible tattoos. Getting extensive coverage all escalated from the time her then eleven year old son six years ago had a brain haemorrhage and spent months and months at Frenchay h…

Reworking some art nouveau

I had a reworking of old tattoos day on Saturday.  The art nouveau work on my right hip has been brought back to brilliant life and the big flowers on my chest given much more zing.  The original work on my hip is about seventeen years old.

Next time Ben will work on the other flowers on my chest and maybe some other bits and pieces.  Now I am having to think hard about what to have done on my left leg.  Should I be further influenced by the fantastic Alphonse Mucha I saw during my visit to Prague, or should I have a Japanese leg?  That's where my thoughts are now.

Judging others and not yourself

Rolf Buchholz has hit the headlines by virtue of being deported from Dubai because of his appearance.  He's known as the world's most pierced man, and journalists report the officials did so because they feared he represented black magic.

The Middle East is not known for its liberal views so it's hard to be too surprised by this chain of events.  What I find more trouble are the remarks made presumably by westerners on the message board of for example the Daily Mail.  Comments ranged from:

"I don't blame them he looks ridiculous I bet he's loving the publicity though let's face it he's done this to get noticed!"

"Just why would you want to do this to yourself? for sure there is no guarantee that freedom of expression comes with a free packet of common sense."
"Turned my stomach!!!"

"I'm sorry but he looks absolutely vile"

"This is too extreme and hideous; I wouldn't let him in my house let-alone Dubai&qu…

Goodbye to my heart

I met Rachel at the Bristol Pride festival too and she also lives in Bristol but comes from Scotland.  Her first tattoo was the one on her wrist and she had it done when she was sixteen.  She sneaked into the tattooist's trying to behave older than she was.  The next one she had done at 17.  Her most recent was the sleeve which she had done in Ilfracombe.  She plans a full sleeve.  Her husband has a full body suit so there's a big influence to  get heavily inked but she says the barrier to getting tattooed is that it is very expensive and being a mother she doesn't have the time, but she does want a lot more ink. It's bit of self expression.  Some are angry and some are bright and there are flowers which are colourful and then ... there's the pain which she likes. She says she's a bit of a masochist. The tattoo on her left breast says in Spanish "Cuando el entro, le dije adios a mi corazon" which in translation literally means, "when he entered,…

One solution to alopecia

Emmy got her tattoo on her head four years ago and it was the final stage of her accepting she has alopecia.  She had lost every hair on her body and after a while came to terms with the idea that that has how things were going to stay.  So, even though she knew her mother did not want her to do it, she got her head tattooed and it's been a great boost to her morale. 

It got people thinking she has chemo but Emmy is not worried about that.  She won't get more tattoos on her head because she doesn't want to lose the impact of the ink she has because she loves it, and it gets lots of compliments. The ivy design she has really stands out and she doesn't want to dilute that effect.  The photos her show her tattoos covered in glitter which obscures them somewhat.

Emmy is a roller derby official for Bristol Rollers and she is known as Ivy because of her head.  She loves roller derby and thinks it's an amazing thing to be part of and i…

Avoiding the embarrasing bits

It's been a couple of months since my last session.  This time Ben finished my half leg piece, at the very top.  He didn't however go on to work on completing my right buttock.  He said the area close to the "crease" would not heal well.  I think he just doesn't like getting too close to the embarrassing bits of the body!  One day I will persuade someone less squeamish to fill this area.

Next was a revitalisation of an eighteen year old tattoo - an Alphonse Mucha.  The original sun was very poorly executed and that has now been transformed.  Next time the reclining woman will be updated.  After that on to my left leg!  I am thinking of a red Japanese dragon.  I fancy a traditional Japanese leg.

The thrill of joining up my tattoo leg piece with my torso

This was a small milestone for me as my half leg piece is joined to my torso.  Suddenly everything looks to be one and altogether.  This is disproportionately important to me, as my intent is all focussed on a body suit.  I don't know why this is so big a thing in my life but it is.  Some years ago I was happy to have work done scattered over my body, now I am not

These photos are a little difficult to work out, because I was lying on a bench with my leg at 90 degrees and not stretched out.  Soon I will get a photo of me standing up and showing saggy bottom.  Not many people are pleased to be tattooed to disguise aging, but I am.  The effect of gravity on my derriere will be masked somewhat by the ink.

All that remains now of this piece is to tattoo the inner leg.  I think Ben has delayed this as long as possible because he is fastidious about getting close to genitals.  Don't blame him really, but it is part of a tattooists life.  I don't think he will be tattooing my pe…

The hidden tattooed mathematician

Rory is originally from Newcastle and now lives in Redcar.  He's a mathematician working for a multinational corporation and has to hide his tattoos at work.  He's been getting tattooed since he was 19 and won't stop but he's had to contend with a lot of prejudice at work and socially.  He was on a training course and one of those on the course with him told him he was an embarrassment and passed on this sentiment to his company.  It didn't seem to carry any weight with the guy that he was the best mathematician on the course.

So he has no visible tattoos and no prospect of any as he is deeply committed to his profession in mathematics.  He is currently single and any girl friends he has had are in the tattoo community.

One of his legs is almost complete now and the other has bits and pieces.

I can identify with Rory having once worked for a large American Corporation.  In 1991 I got myself a tiny tattoo on my hip and was terrified anyone in my company would find …

Tattooed Freja from Leeds

Freja was quietly have a drink with a friend at the Boston Tea Party in Park Street, Bristol when interrupted by my dog.

After I had finished my conversation with my political accomplice Frances, I approached her and asked about her ink.  She said that that her designs were from Ukraine, more topical than she could originally imagined they could become.

Freja Meethan lives and works in Bristol but comes from Leeds - she actually works in another Boston Tea Party café in Cheltenham Road.  She got most of her tattoos after her four year long marriage broke up two years ago.  She is already working on her plans to complete her sleeve.  All her work is done by Simon Hook from Dr Inkwells studio in Leeds.

Her dream is to own a craft shop.

Her tattoo plans include a full backpiece.  She will never get her stomach and chest tattooed.  Everywhere else is possible.