Tattoo Freeze was chilly


Here are some images from the "Tattoo Freeze" convention last weekend in Telford, Shropshire.

Top you can see Richard from Redcar's new backpiece, which is the biggest skull he could get.

Then there Jeananne Jones, wife of tattooist Colin Jones.  Here backpiece is a beautiful large art nouveau image.  Here right arm she is lasering herself so she can get something completely new.

On the left is Louise Kay from Chelmsford who is into promotion and "adult entertainment".

Then on the right is Anna von Crayon, a fine artist from Telford.

Finally two images of the art of  body painting.  Rosie from Rainbow Faces from Newport in Shropshire painted my face and neck.  Some colleagues gave Rachel a full body paint making her look like a walking piece of porcelain.

In the coming weeks I will tell these and others stories more fully here on my blog.


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