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More henna tattoos in India

I am just back from my two week holiday in India.  My wife and I went to Kovalam in Kerala which is close to the southernmost tip of the continent. I can't resist a bit of henna tattoo so I looked around the places offering to apply it on the sea front at the resort.  I came across Suraj and his lovely family who own the shop in the photo.  While there I also bought a Ganesh elephant for my son, who has asked me to bring something back. While Suraj was working on my arm and hand I chatted to him and his wife. They have two children, one a small baby who was in the shop and the other the young lad in the photo. Suraj's wife's family weren't entirely sure about their marriage as they were hoping for a more successful man.  But they seem very happy and in India owning a shop means you are doing pretty well.  I really enjoyed their company.