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Tattooed Freja from Leeds

    Freja was quietly have a drink with a friend at the Boston Tea Party in Park Street, Bristol when interrupted by my dog. After I had finished my conversation with my political accomplice Frances, I approached her and asked about her ink.  She said that that her designs were from Ukraine, more topical than she could originally imagined they could become. Freja Meethan lives and works in Bristol but comes from Leeds - she actually works in another Boston Tea Party café in Cheltenham Road.  She got most of her tattoos after her four year long marriage broke up two years ago.  She is already working on her plans to complete her sleeve.  All her work is done by Simon Hook from Dr Inkwells studio in Leeds. Her dream is to own a craft shop. Her tattoo plans include a full backpiece.  She will never get her stomach and chest tattooed.  Everywhere else is possible.  

Up to my arse in tattoos

My upper leg/thigh is now almost complete.  You can get a much better sense of how the picture looks with the buildings up above and the sky.  Next will be work on the lower buttock.  Ben has been reluctant to tackle this I think because tattooing an old man's sagging buttock is not the most elevating thing to do.  But for the same reason I want that area of my body revitalising.

Louise Kay

Louise Kay is from Chelmsford in Essex and when I met her was working on promotion of Almost Angels Tattoos in Ely, Cambridgeshire. #  It is not hard to spot that Louise is a strong woman, who works out.  She works not only in promotion but in webcam, which some may spot means she offers online sex.     She was first tattooed when she was 16 and then a second time at 23.  Now she plans to have more ink but slowly.  She find pain harder to cope with these days.  She's always lived in Essex and plans that her ink will be just black and grey. She began a psychology degree which she has not finished but her study of crime leaves her fascinated by extreme people.  She has named her eight rabbits after serial killers!  So she has a dark side to her. I found her highly intelligent and surprising.  Take a look at her website: