Louise Kay

Louise Kay is from Chelmsford in Essex and when I met her was working on promotion of Almost Angels Tattoos in Ely, Cambridgeshire. http://almostangelstattoo.wix.com/almostangelstattooco#  It is not hard to spot that Louise is a strong woman, who works out.  She works not only in promotion but in webcam, which some may spot means she offers online sex.
She was first tattooed when she was 16 and then a second time at 23.  Now she plans to have more ink but slowly.  She find pain harder to cope with these days.  She's always lived in Essex and plans that her ink will be just black and grey.

She began a psychology degree which she has not finished but her study of crime leaves her fascinated by extreme people.  She has named her eight rabbits after serial killers!  So she has a dark side to her. I found her highly intelligent and surprising.  Take a look at her website: http://www.misslouisekay.com/


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