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"I will always have you" exhibition, Knowle West

  On the 11th September  Knowle West Media Centre in south Bristol launched its new 'I Will Always Have You' exhibition. The event was well attended and included live and close-up tattooing, interactive tattoo installations and a talk by Dr John Troyer from the Centre for Death and Society at the University of Bath exploring the history and cultural role of memorial tattoos. - See more at:   I went down there to see it for myself and rather shamelessly took of my shirt and my ink was there for all to see.  The centre had talked to many people from the local community and asked them to be photographed and be interviewed.  Some of their stories were hung in the main gallery, where the event took place.     Sonia wasn't at all bothered by having visible tattoos. Getting extensive coverage all escalated from the time her then eleven year old son six years ago had a brain haemorrhage and spent month