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Patricia the pointillist tattooist

The third tattoo studio I visited in Copenhagen was Kunsten pa Kroppen and there I initially met Patricia.  This is a studio that specialises in hand tattoos and as you can see on Patricia's chest and sleeve, they are very beautiful.  She is an apprentice tattooist and has acquired the skills in pointillism.  Examples of her work can be seen on the website Patricia is from Copenhagen and started working a year ago at the studio and now she is only 21.  Her first tattoo was when she was sixteen and her first professional tattoo as she describes it was when she was eighteen.  Already she has plenty of ink and she will continue until she has a full body suit - no messing, no doubt in her mind. After her arm is finished she will have work on her legs.  Fellow tattooist at the studio, Kai, did her sleeve though her other colleague, Marcus, did the other work.  She worked collaboratively with them on design.  She used to have more piercings than she has now but

What's wrong with a tattooed teacher?

Charlotte Tumilty has enjoyed considerable publicity after the Daily Mail chose to spread her tattooed images all over its online newspaper.  It's just up the Mail's street.  Unsurprisingly Charlotte is a very pretty young woman so they have an excuse to both outrage its readership and titillate them at the same time.  Standard fare for the Daily Mail.  Not for nothing do they have the world's largest online readership.   So here she is in her finery, having been turned away from her new school for having a neck tattoo she couldn't fully cover up. Having run the news item one day they had another bite at the cherry when Jan Moir wrote an opinion article on her the day after.

Danish international rugby player is tattooed

Marlena plays rugby for the Danish women's rugby team.  I met her earlier this month at Rites of Passage tattoo studio in Copenhagen.   When on holiday I often seek out tattoo studios and drop by to meet my own kind.  Copenhagen offered me bags of these opportunities. As entered there was Marlena on the bench with her tattooist David "Alex" Alexander, who is English and from the Midlands. Originally she wanted to have some small roses on her back, but having discussed it with Alex they decided to make seven roses much larger than she planned.  She chose them because they looked beautiful and no other reason. While I was talking to Marlena she was having her thigh tattooed with a sling shot, which represents her personality she says, girlie but with the tom boy in it.   It certainly makes an unusual image. Her only tattoos are her back and thigh, which are joined up, so are quite extensive. Marlena says it was a trend t

Jannie covered her stretch marks with tattoos

While I was in Copenhagen a couple of weeks ago I dropped by at a number of tattooists.  The first studio was near to my son's pub in the centre of Copenhagen.  This is where Jan Lobo operates at Lobo Tusch. There I met Jannie who was having a partially tattooed sleeve covered.  Jannie was 21 when she first began to be tattooed, she had a little mouse.  Apart from what can be seen here, she is also extensively tattooed on her stomach.  She did it to cover her stretch marks after having children.  She had the work on her arm and left shoulder done about a year and a half ago but she didn't like how it was progressing and told her tattooist to stop.  Now she is having it covered by Jan.  They went to school together in Sydhavnen.  She says it is supposed to be a rock and roll theme. Jannie has two children.  She has a new boy friend who loves tattoos.  After the sleeve is finished she will have something on t

Ancient Greek and Roman tattoo design

  This time I had just had more work to bring some greater life to some of the older work on my chest, in particular to the big flowers and to the woman popping out of one of them.  It is important to me as I see more of my chest tattoos than most of the work on my body and I felt that this area is the one I am least happy with. This I believe is an improvement. I am just back from a trip to Copenhagen and while there visited the Glyptotek museum, where there are many ancient statues on display.  What caught my eye were some casts the museum took of the old statues and then with the aid of very advanced computer technology, they coloured the statues in the way they originally would have appeared.  Some of the results are very surprising.  In particular the tights on the man on the horse which I have decided will be the basis for my left leg piece.  So at the end of this month we will start with the garter design.